Please Note

Summer of 2018 there will be no day classes offered for students 17 & under. Watch for our wilderness immersion programs. Please click here for a link to our latest newsletter explaining our newly changing programs.

This event is only open to students of Willow Wind; a private Teen Rite of Passage weekend for adolescent boys and girls who are ready to experience a personal challenge and an initiation into healthy, responsible adulthood.

Registration is at 2pm, June 12th.  
Class will end at 11am, June 14th.

Prior to pick up on June 14th, we ask parents and family to join the Coyote Trails staff at 9:30am to honor this transition. Details will be provided upon registration.

How do you mark the transition from childhood to young-adulthood? How does one transform from being a kid to who it is you’re growing into being?  Our early ancestors made this transition from playing hunting games to making and carrying their own bow. By spending time in the wilderness, kids were able to obtain a role of self-responsibility, and take a higher role in the family. There will be games, self-reflection, and opportunities to challenge yourself.

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