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Summer of 2018 there will be no day classes offered for students 17 & under. Watch for our wilderness immersion programs. Please click here for a link to our latest newsletter explaining our newly changing programs.

The Churchville Nature Center Presents…

Coyote Trails School of Nature’s

Earth Living Skills Day Camp for Teenagers – Reconnect with the Natural World

(For Ages 13 – 17)

June 15 & 16, June 22 & 23, and June 29 & 30

 bundle to flame

Do you feel a connection with nature?  Are you looking to become more self-sufficient and gain self-confidence?  Do you yearn to do something completely different this summer?  Then this program series may be for you!

Meet new friends and challenge yourself in a safe, nurturing environment guided by experienced instructors with 10 + years experience in mentoring youth, teens, adults and families in primitive living skills and nature studies.

In this program we will re-connect, learn from and live with the natural world in a completely hands-on environment through the science and art of primitive living skills and naturalist studies.  The following are the areas we will explore:

Shelter – Learn how to survive the night by making a shelter with only what nature provides that will keep you warm and dry even in very cold and wet conditions.  

Water – Learn about the hazards of water in the modern world and how to find and purify most water sources into safe, potable drinking water.

Fire – Safely learn a method of fire-by-friction called the “bow-drill” and how to correctly make a fire structure.

Food – Learn primitive ways to acquire food, how to move through the woods silently and invisibly, and learn how to properly identify local useful wild plants.

Nature Awareness and Tracking – Learn how to become more aware of your environment and to see more animals through learning art and science of animal tracking, the secret language of the birds, and strengthening observational skills.

Plus – Learn how to make rope from plants, tools from bone and stone, discover the art of natural camouflage, natural containers, discover team building games and exercises, and more.

Within this program we strive to nurture one’s imagination and questioning mind and to gently break through the illusion of the perceived separation of humans and nature that may cause us to fear the woods.  We are nature, we are designed to interact with and learn from the three dimensional reality of nature.  Discover the inner peace and community that comes from sharing the practical knowledge of Earth living skills.


Earth Living Skills Day Camp – Program Details

This Program runs for three consecutive weekends (Saturday & Sunday) starting the weekend of June 15 &16, then June 22&23, and June 29&30.  Student(s) must sign up for the entire program.

Please pre-register as space is limited.

All activities will be held in the wooded areas at the Churchville Nature center (CNC).   Registration will run from 8:00AM to 8:30AM at the CNC parking lot on the first day of class (Saturday June 15th) to finalize registration.  Pick up will be 4:30 PM at the parking lot.  Drop off time will be 8:30 AM for each of the remaining days of the program with 4:30 PM being the pickup time.

Tuition is $225.00 per student.  Churchville Nature Center members will receive a 10% discount off tuition (please call the Churchville Nature Center - 215-357-4005 - for the member code).  Sign up one teenager and each additional immediate family member that signs up will receive a 20% discount off tuition.  A $75.00 deposit per student is required to guarantee spots, with the balance due at registration the first day of the program.  Once we accept your application we will send you all the necessary logistical information you will need.

Notification of cancellation needs to be received ten (10) days prior to the first day of your class in order to receive a full refund minus a $25 processing fee per transaction. No refunds are issued if cancellation occurs within ten (10) days of your class.

If this program is cancelled due to lack of interest or any unforeseen reason, your tuition will be refunded in full.

For specific questions read the program FAQ’s first.  If after reading the FAQ page you still have any questions, call or email Howard Holt (Program designer and lead instructor) at 541-350-9348 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This program will involve physical activity and walking outdoors in the woods.  Coyote trails programs are also open to students with Special Needs, we encourage parents to contact Howard Holt directly so that we may best accommodate each individual. 


Earth Living Skills Day Camp FAQ’s

1. What does my teenager need to bring?

  • A bagged lunch with his/her name on the bag.  Please do not bring any sugary snacks or drinks (i.e candy, cookies, soda, juices).  Healthy, whole foods promote happier, healthier, more energetic teenagers.  Lunches will be kept in a cooler.  Teenager responsible for packing out their lunch trash.
  • Any medications your teenager needs to take during the program.
  • Water bottle or hydration pack filled with water (Coyote Trails will have plenty of bottled spring water for the students for refills).
  • Appropriate clothing for that day’s activities that can get dirty, muddy and wet.
  • Sunscreen with at least 30 spf.
  • Insect repellent.  (Note – we recommend all natural insect repellent like ‘Herbal Armor’.    Insect repellents with chemicals like DEET are absorbed into the blood stream and may cause neurological damage with long-term use).
  • A journal or notebook and pencils/pens.
  • A hat (Optional but recommended).
  • A daypack/small backpack (Optional).
  • Camera (Optional)

2. DO NOT bring:

  • Any and all electronic devices (i.e. iPads, iPhones, tablets, etc.)
  • Watches
  • Tobacco, drugs or alcohol
  • Jewlery or anything of value that may get lost during activities.

3. There will be no swimming or wading in this program.

4. We will be using knives during this program. Coyote Trails will supply the non-folding , sheathed knives for the students to use during the program.  Your teenager may bring his/her own non-folding, sheathed knife with at least a 5 inch blade.

5. How will you keep my teenager safe?

  • Our number one priority is your teenager’s safety.  The Coyote Trails instructors are experienced outdoor educators certified in first aid and cpr and will carry basic medical packs with your teenager’s specific medical information with them at all times.    All Churchville nature staff are also certified in first-aid and cpr and have a plan in place for any emergencies that may arise.
  • Your teenager will be educated on ALL potential hazards the first day of the program.
  • Your teenager will complete a knife safety lecture on the first day of class.

6. How do I contact my teen in case of an emergency?

  • Call the Churchville Nature Center– 215-357-4005.