gather round the fireApproach

All Coyote Trails School of Nature instructors are trained in the art of living in the wilderness. Our curriculum consists of skills and traditions, also known as “primitive living skills,” from indigenous cultures all around the world. We teach through the adventure of new experiences and guide students to a grander appreciation of the natural world and a higher level of connection, awareness, self-reliance and confidence in the outdoors.

Coyote Teaching

This teaching model honors each child’s unique learning style and strives to cultivate his or her natural gifts. At the heart of this method is the conviction that, given the right opportunity, each child will instinctively seek a meaningful relationship with the natural world. Instructors look for the magic of the moment, coax the child more deeply into that moment, then let nature take over as teacher. Activities and opportunities are designed to inspire students to actively engage in the learning adventure. 

Various practices and creative tools are used by our instructors to support these processes, including tracking, awareness, and primitive living skills.